Order your personal Welcoming Package

The Welcoming Package is for everyone moving into Struer Municiplaty.

In this nice bag we have carefully chosen coupons for discounts, free tickets and useful information about your new local area. All packed for you in your personal welcoming package. 

One of our voluntary Welcome Ambassadors will pay you a visit with your package, and he or she is alså glad to offer you advice on how to settle in in your new area. 

The Welcome Ambassador may try to contact you prior to his or her visit for setting a date and time that suits you both. If none have been in touch within a Month after you signed up for the Welcoming package, please write to: tilflytterservice@struer.dk

We only hand out one Welcoming Package per home.

We very much look forward to give you a warm personal welcome to Struer Municipality.

Order your personal welcome package for newcomers:

Personal information:
Please tell us how old you are. We use the information to match our welcoming ambassadors and newcomers as good as possible


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